Appbistro's Parent, MMTG Labs, has been Acquired

We are delighted to announce that we have signed a definitive agreement to be acquired by InMobi, the world's largest independent mobile advertising company! The MMTG Labs product, AppGalleries will join InMobi's growing product suite and moving forward MMTG Labs will be a wholly owned subsidiary of InMobi. Unfrotunately, as part of the acquisition, the Appbistro product will not live on. We started this company with a vision of disrupting app distribution, and we're happy to say that this vision is stronger than ever by partnering with InMobi as we solely focus on mobile apps.


InMobi acquires AppGalleries


Appbistro's Closure

As part of the acquisition, in order for us to focus on one product, the decision was made to close Appbistro and concentrate solely on the AppGalleries product. We realize this might be an inconvenience for our Appbistro customers, so we've partnered with Constant Contact Social Campaigns to help out. Run promotions on Facebook to get more Fans and create word of mouth with Social Campaigns by Constant Contact. Try Social Campaigns for Free and then get 30% off your first month. Coupon Code: SC1MO

What Are The Plans Moving Forward

Though the announcement may seem sudden, we sent out an announcement in February of 2013 alerting our Appbistro customers to this eventual clsoure. Even though Appbistro is shutting down, we have HUGE plans for AppGalleries. Obviously we can't share the whole product roadmap here, but we want to give you some insight into what will be the next steps. With the help of InMobi's resources and existing infrastructure in international markets, the team is going to be able to leverage their help to spread AppGalleries all over the globe-a vision we've been excited about for a long time. We will also be adding tons of product features to make the administration of app galleries much easier. That's about all I can share at this time, but more goodies are definitely on their way.

We're All In!

The reason we'll be able to continue to provide the great service you've come to expect is because the whole team will be coming along for the ride. We all love what we're doing and we're all passionate about disrupting the app distribution game. We love our publishers, we love helping small developers get their first downloads, and we especially love helping users find apps that they mean the most to them. It's was an awesome surprise to find out that InMobi loves all of those things just as much as we do!

Thank You and Stay Tuned!

Words can't describe the amount of gratitude to every single person that has contributed to our story so far. We couldn't be here without all of you playing your parts. From customers, developers, publishers, significant others, investors (all 23 of you, seriously we had a lot), friends, Blue Bottle Coffee, Taqueria Cancun in the Mission, to lenient landlords. You are all the reason for today's celebration and tomorrow's success at InMobi. THANK YOU!


Ryan Merket & Nalin Mittal
Founders of MMTG Labs